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Status of Preterist Podcast

01.16.14 |

Hello everyone, as you can see both the PreteristBlog and the PreteristPodcast sites are presently down.  These sites were hosted on the TheologyWeb server which suffered a catastrophic hard drive crash.  We tried for about three months with several data recovery sites to recover the data to no avail–and lesson learned, we had no backups of most items.  So I will be starting over… kinda.  PreteristSite is back up, but badly in need of updating.  I have the audio files from the podcast which I will start on re-loading.  The blog resurrection will be last.  This will be something that will take place over the course of a year.  Why so long?  During the downtime, I was working on finalizing the editing of my commentary for publication.  So, I am going to finish that before dedicating myself to anything further.

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  • On 01.17.14 Jayaruh wrote these pithy words:

    It is good to see some progress. Looking for more.

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